BigRead13 Day 16 : Guises

The #BigRead13 Day 16

You can find day 16’s post from the #BigRead13 here.

Such a long Bible passage today that I’m not going to reproduce it.  If you want to read Luke 24:13-35 you can here.  It’s the story of the Emmaus Road – two men returning home, talking about what they heard and saw about Jesus, when they meet a stranger.  They invite the stranger to join them, and when he breaks bread with them they recognise him as Jesus, and proclaim his resurrection.

We’re asked to think about the many guises in which God comes to us, and where we might have missed him and found him. It’s very easy to know where we’ve found him:

  • Sarah, my wife, whose honest and faithful love shines through to me.
  • The friend who, the day my Granny died, took pity on me, gave me a cup of tea and the Howells Hymnus Paradisi to listen to. It worked.
  • Several of my twitter pals who remember when something big and scary is coming up, pray for it, and remember to ask me afterwards.
  • The clergy and readers who brought God to us when Ben was first born and in Special Care – and more especially, the sheer kindness of the SCBU nurses.

And the times I’ve missed him?  Far harder to tell – because if I see him eventually, he’s no longer missing. Perhaps though:

  • My Uncle Arnold.  I never really met him until after his stroke – I must have been around ten. The warmth of his smile and, in retrospect, his love for his wife, even when he was not able to act on it. God was there in his smile. I only realised it too late.
  • The kids who picked me last for football teams as a teenager at school. Hidden, deep, in what seemed like childish cruelty, was God nudging me to volunteer to switch to cross country and do something better for myself, and for my fellow students.

Much to ponder on this. And much to stay alert for. To spot the signs. To be thankful for them. And to pray that we see them wherever we go, for God is in each of us.

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