Lent 2014 – Turning to the Cross – Passion Sunday

I’ve been reading, but not blogging, the Lent materials. Somehow blogging stopped when we went away for a weekend, and never resumed. But now we have reached Passion Sunday – the time when we turn fully towards the Cross; towards the inevitability of Jesus’ death. To imagine what it would be like as one of […]

Lent 2014: Day 7: Fame and Fortune – and an Important Commission

What does it feel like to be famous? Think of a famous movie star – how would it feel to walk in their shoes? Yes, that is me trying out some famous footprints above, although I’ve never really wanted to be famous. Today Maggi gives us the second temptation of Jesus in the desert (Matthew […]

Lent 2014: Day 6: Psalm of the Dawn and Stones into Bread

Stones into bread – the first temptation of Jesus in the desert – from Matthew 4:1-4 – perhaps the least well known of the temptations. Maggi treats us to a snippet from her book on her blog – why the fast may not have literally been forty days and forty nights, but why forty is symbolically important. […]

Lent 2014: Day 5: Old and new – awakening

As befits a Sunday, there is a lightening of the mood in the #BigRead14 Barefoot Prayers by Stephen Cherry – an Awakening. Stephen calls us to awake to God; to listen to him and what he wants.   This is something it is all too easy to forget to do in Lent; to be fixated […]

Lent 2014: Day 4: What does the Lord require?

A short post today as the arthritis is playing up, we’re away at my parents and it is Dad’s birthday and Vi’s 100th birthday today. Maggi sets us Micah 6:1-8 – God points out all he has done for his people, and then Micah asks what he should do for God? I hadn’t realised before […]

Lent 2014: Day 3: More than the body

I’m looking at today’s two resources the other way around. Firstly, the #BigRead 2014 challenge – Bread. Bread is a metaphor for Jesus – “I am the bread of life” – and each week we encounter him in bread and wine. Perhaps though we don’t think of ourselves as bread – to be transformed and […]

Lent 2014: Day 2: A true fast

Maggi has us read Isaiah 58:6-12. The reading makes clear that fasting alone isn’t enough – in both senses of “alone”: – Just abstaining from food or drink isn’t enough. We should think about alms as well, and praying. 40acts has a range of activities to inspire; last year I found Christian Aid’s Count Your […]

Lent 2014: Day 1: To dust you shall return

This Lent I shall be trying to read both: Maggi Dawn’s Giving It Up, as suggested by Maggi herself and by Rachel and Graham Hartland; and Barefoot Prayers by Stephen Cherry, as used for the #BigRead14. I can’t promise to blog diligently on both or even either book; rather when I have something that I particularly […]

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