ABC day 10: Redigging the wells

Genesis 26:13-77 is today’s choice – Isaac redigs wells that Abraham had dug and the Philistines had stopped up. It’s a case of third time lucky – the first two times he tries, more Philistines chase him away – but God appears to him and repeats the promise he made to Abraham. Maggi draws a […]

ABC day 9: Land and promise

  Genesis 12:5-9 today – covered in yesterday‘s video as well. I was sick today. Organised at the start of the day – half an hour early to a meeting at church – productive meeting – then sick. I used the half an hour to read today’s section of Maggi’s book, and then to pray. […]

ABC day 8: Abraham’s call

Genesis 11:31-12:5 is today’s text selected by Maggi – but instead of reading it, you could watch it in Lego form (and it takes the story on just a smidgen further too): Maggi explains that the clear call of God to Abraham in this passage may have seemed clear with hindsight; yet as the story […]

ABC day 7: Adam and Eve – the end of the beginning

Genesis 3:8-19 today for Advent Book Club (the observant amongst you might have noticed day 6 went AWOL –  Wordpress wouldn’t let me in – now fixed and in the unlikely event you’re missing it, it’s here). The fall. Adam and Eve expelled from Eden. The reason we need salvation – to rescue us. Maggi […]

ABC day 6 – Mark: where the action is

Mark 1:1-11 today – the third opening we’ve read as part of the Advent Book Club. There’s no messing about with Mark. None of the mysticism of John, nor the genealogy of Mark. We’re told right there in the first line that this is the good news about Jesus Christ – we don’t need to […]

ABC day 5 – Matthew: what’s in a name?

Today we have another genealogy of Jesus, from Matthew 1:1-17. Three sets of fourteen names. From Abraham to Jesus. Some of them – Abraham, Isaac, David, Solomon, Ruth – names from familiar stories. Others less familiar – Zerubabbel, Eliakim, Jeconiah, Azor. Ok, I can confess to being like Claire and Sara – if I don’t skip […]

ABC day 3 – Luke: let me tell you a story

Today’s text is Luke 1:1-7. Luke sets out to write an “orderly account”. Perhaps, unlike the opening of John’s Gospel which we read yesterday, this is a more obvious start. We start slightly before the birth of Jesus, with the story of John the Baptist – seen as a prophet who not only foretold the […]

BigRead13 Day 49 : Stories – the final day!

The final BigRead13 post can be found here, which sets Hebrews 11:13 for us to read today: All of these died in faith without having received the promises, but from a distance they saw and greeted them. They confessed that they were strangers and foreigners on the earth. And so we come to the end […]

BigRead13 Day 48 : Home

BigRead13 Day 48 can be found here. Today’s reading is Revelation 21 – found here rather than posting as it’s quite long.  We are given the tale of the new Jerusalem – a new heaven – a new earth. Along with it, an excerpt from C S Lewis: “I have come home at last! This is […]

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