Lent 2014 – Turning to the Cross – Passion Sunday

I’ve been reading, but not blogging, the Lent materials. Somehow blogging stopped when we went away for a weekend, and never resumed. But now we have reached Passion Sunday – the time when we turn fully towards the Cross; towards the inevitability of Jesus’ death. To imagine what it would be like as one of the first disciples, worrying that you’d put your hope in a saviour who now seemed powerless; to imagine what it would be St Peter, the rock on which the church would be built, and feel so powerless as to need to deny your Lord; to be Mary, seeing your hopes dashed on Calvary.

Today’s thought from Maggi Dawn’s Giving it Up “It’s not fair” focuses on Luke 10:38-42 – the story of Jesus visiting Mary and Martha. Martha busies herself getting ready for Jesus, Mary sits and listens to what Jesus is saying. Jesus tells Martha, when she complains, that Mary has focussed on what matters whilst Martha has been distracted.

Maggi notes that it isn’t clear whether Martha is upset at Mary behaving in a way women traditionally didn’t – they were expected to serve the guests – or whether perhaps she is cross at herself for not spending time with Jesus. At any rate, the story tells us to slow down, to try not to be distracted, and to focus on Jesus. This evening I finally got the chance to do that – after the main Passiontide service, there was an opportunity to just sit and pray, and I did just that.

I don’t know how it keeps happening, but yet again there is a parallel between Maggi’s selection for the day and the #BigRead14 offering for today, Patience. The author, Stephen Cherry, prays for patience. For the time not to be busy like Martha but to listen like Mary.

Finally, as we’ve not had a hymn for a while, this


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