Lent 2014: Day 6: Psalm of the Dawn and Stones into Bread

Stones into bread – the first temptation of Jesus in the desert – from Matthew 4:1-4 – perhaps the least well known of the temptations.

Maggi treats us to a snippet from her book on her blog – why the fast may not have literally been forty days and forty nights, but why forty is symbolically important. She reminds us that fasting is a reminder of both our own physical existence and our spiritual existence; the physical longing for that which we have given up and the spiritual realisation that we can give up without slavishly giving way to our physical wants; the physical as well as the spiritual Jesus.

As I prayed on this passage, I thought about the contrasts from today’s #BIGRead14 Barefoot Prayer, Psalm of the Dawn. I imagined being alone in the desert, longing in the cold nights for the warmth of the sun, warmed only by the Son. The baking heat of bread on the stones baked themselves in the desert. Waiting for dough to prove before it rises – waiting before the Son rises. Rushing both risking ruining both. The need to pray as well as fasting.

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