Lent 2014: Day 4: What does the Lord require?

A short post today as the arthritis is playing up, we’re away at my parents and it is Dad’s birthday and Vi’s 100th birthday today.

Maggi sets us Micah 6:1-8 – God points out all he has done for his people, and then Micah asks what he should do for God? I hadn’t realised before reading Maggi’s book that Lenten fasting used to be a community thing; the whole community knew the rules as to what to give up, and it would be something far more “essential” than chocolate, or booze, or coffee. (What, you mean coffee isn’t essential?).

Perhaps there is a glimmer here in that way back when community rules dictated what should be given up, people had far less variety (and for all but the richest, far less luxury) than today? Yet even in the few years since Maggi wrote, the use of foodbanks is increasing, austerity bites and those swathes of the community giving up essentials again have little choice.

Lord – We pray for your coming again; we look for it, yearn for it. We count our blessings even as we give up one or two. Help us to fight for justice for those who aren’t giving up luxuries but essentials; help those in authority realise the cries of their people, as the Israelites cried out in their times of oppression; help justice come again to your earth. Amen.

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