Lent 2014: Day 3: More than the body

I’m looking at today’s two resources the other way around. Firstly, the #BigRead 2014 challenge – Bread. Bread is a metaphor for Jesus – “I am the bread of life” – and each week we encounter him in bread and wine. Perhaps though we don’t think of ourselves as bread – to be transformed and grown as dough is kneaded, proved and then shared with friends and family to support them?

Maggi turns to Luke 12:22-34. She draws on the passage’s idea that God will provide for us if we but trust in him, and develops this through the idea that we’re not just giving stuff up for Lent in the hope we can atone for our sins. Indeed, only Jesus can bring us to forgiveness by his sacrifice on the cross. Perhaps our time fasting gives us time to meditate on that rather than enjoying a guilty moment of pleasure?

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