ABC day 9: Land and promise


Bedouin camp in the Sahara by Jon Lean

Genesis 12:5-9 today – covered in yesterday‘s video as well.

I was sick today. Organised at the start of the day – half an hour early to a meeting at church – productive meeting – then sick. I used the half an hour to read today’s section of Maggi’s book, and then to pray.

Today’s reading is the story of Abram being told by the Lord “to your offspring I will give this land.” Abram doesn’t put down roots there and then though – he is nomadic and pitches his tent in different places, journeying by stages.

Maggi talks to us about how this story is used to reflect on the idea of leaving clutter behind to follow God; yet this isn’t clutter but

Do we try a church we like more or less and move around till we find one that feels like home? Or do we make a choice and stick to it? Do we just pick the nearest church – the old parish system – or do we seek out the right church (whatever “right” might mean?) Perhaps there are unchurched gaps when we get busy, before we go back to God. How do we find him on our wanderings as well as where we have set up an altar, so to speak?

Maranatha – come, Lord Jesus.

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