ABC day 8: Abraham’s call

Genesis 11:31-12:5 is today’s text selected by Maggi – but instead of reading it, you could watch it in Lego form (and it takes the story on just a smidgen further too):

Maggi explains that the clear call of God to Abraham in this passage may have seemed clear with hindsight; yet as the story flows on it seems it might not have been as clear as it might have been. I’m sure when my parents told me clearly what they wanted me to do I might well have misunderstood a tad… yet eventually I probably ended up doing what they wanted. I’m finding the same thing with my son now – a clear instruction starts out with him following clearly but getting distracted easily.

Maggi goes on to explain that a call may not obviously be a sudden clear demand from God that we upend our lives. I guess that it isn’t all “thunderbolt city” (as Tom in Four Weddings and Funeral wasn’t expecting). Sometimes it is a nudging, a “hunch that there is something beyond the horizon” as Maggi puts it.

Lord – help me to listen to your Word and your will. Help me to hear what you are calling me to do and to be. Help me to be open to your plan and to the unexpected as well as the expected. To look for you in the silver lining as well as the golden opportunity. To aspire to “not my will but thy will”. Amen.

Maranatha – come, Lord Jesus.

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