ABC day 7: Adam and Eve – the end of the beginning

Genesis 3:8-19 today for Advent Book Club (the observant amongst you might have noticed day 6 went AWOL –  Wordpress wouldn’t let me in – now fixed and in the unlikely event you’re missing it, it’s here).

The fall. Adam and Eve expelled from Eden. The reason we need salvation – to rescue us.

Maggi explains the way the now famous Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols at Kings’ College Cambridge came to be. Following World War One, many of the men who returned found they had lost their faith, or that the words of services from before which had been comforting had, in fact, offered cold comfort and were now alien and unwelcoming.

Rather than start his carol service with the foretelling of the Messiah in, say, Isaiah, or with the Angel Gabriel, Maggi tells us that the Dean of Kings chose to start right back at the fall. Why? The story of Adam and Eve then is figurative – the idea that perfection can be sullied by human desire, with the need for God to restore our brokenness.

Again, this provoked more thought from me – I’ve always been an Isaiah lover – perhaps I ought to read more widely in preparing for Christmas than just the prophecies of the coming of the Messiah – and go back to square one?

And, as Maggi cites Adam Lay Ybounden, and I’ve just found this YouTube video from ‘home’ (it dates from 1990):

Maranatha – come, Lord Jesus.

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