ABC day 4 – Luke: flashback

TreeToday we go for the flashback – Luke 3:21-38 – in which we read the genealogy of Jesus. Going by the generations, this leads to the suggestion that the world was formed in around 4000 BC – a conclusion leapt on by sceptics as easy to debunk with scientific evidence.

Yet Maggi points out that this isn’t the point. The point is to link back to the creation – to perfection – a time before sin. And that this grounds the point of the incarnation, which we are preparing to celebrate. It grounds the incarnation in the wholeness of creation, not just as a fix for the brokenness.

Far better than I, Claire explores this point more fully – that this is perhaps Luke’s way of making the same point as John – that the Word – Jesus – was with God in the beginning and was God – son of man and son of God being one and the same.

Ruth points out that we don’t just look back – we look forward – to all generations. And Graham brings this to mind even more as we realise the interconnectedness with others – go back more generations and more and more of us are but cousins who’ve never met. And finally Sara points out that the wholeness of creation point in Maggi’s text is really rather comforting – that Jesus was a human who knew what it was to live, equally as much as he was God.

Much to ponder on – we hear the word “incarnate” so often as Christmas approaches, thinking perhaps it just refers to some nice story of a manger and no room at the inn. But perhaps there’s a more fundamental truth here – the one we hear every time we say the Creed:

He became incarnate of the Virgin Mary, and was made man.

Maranatha – come, Lord Jesus.

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