ABC day 13: Not in the fire…

Windows, Washington National Cathedral, by me.

Following on swiftly from yesterday’s reading, we have the rest of the story (1 Kings 1:9-18) – where Elijah sees the wind, the earthquake, the fire – and only then does God speak to him in the ensuing silence.

Professionally, as an accountant, I see myself in the point Maggi makes that if I find 150% of my hours aren’t enough to achieve my objectives, I immediately expect to work even harder.  This may be partly cultural for accountants – but I suspect it is mostly just me. The times when I don’t do silly hours are often the times when I have flashes of what I fondly imagine to be brilliance and insight.

And, as I alluded to yesterday, the times when I devote more time than I have or is good for my health to work are also the times when I perhaps feel further from God. Those are the times when eventually I need to creep away from the inbox, the phone and the baying hordes and take time to read, to pray, to make it to Evensong and just listen to God, or to an early moring Eucharist and meet him afresh in the bread and wine.

Maranatha – come, Lord Jesus.

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