ABC day 12: Eat, drink, sleep

In today’s reading from the story of Elijah (1 Kings 19:1-9) we hear of Jezebel’s threat to Elijah – as he has killed the prophets of her beloved god Baal, so she will kill him. Elijah flees to the wilderness, says to God “You might as well take my life – I’ve failed as my ancestors did” – yet he wakes and God has provided him with food and drink for a journey.

Crucially, this is a journey of forty days and forty nights – matching the period that Jesus was in the desert – and the reason why our Lent is this length too.

Maggi points out (it’s almost as if she wrote this knowing me – and many of you too I guess) that we all think we need to find our own desert – a quiet time and place – to hear the voice of God. Just as Elijah didn’t hear God in the fire but in the still small voice of calm in the cave, so will we – eat, drink, sleep, and listen out when we do find a quiet patch. Of which more tomorrow…

Lord – the last weeks and months have been the busiest of my career. I haven’t always taken the time to eat (meals skipped or eaten at odd hours), to drink, to sleep or to pray. Help me to regulate my life – to seek out normality so that perhaps I too can hear your still small voice of calm before Advent is out. Amen.

Maranatha – come, Lord Jesus.

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