ABC day 10: Redigging the wells

Well II by Chrystina Gastelum

Genesis 26:13-77 is today’s choice – Isaac redigs wells that Abraham had dug and the Philistines had stopped up. It’s a case of third time lucky – the first two times he tries, more Philistines chase him away – but God appears to him and repeats the promise he made to Abraham.

Maggi draws a neat parallel for today’s church with Isaac – he was an in-between generation – seeing neither the start nor the end of the nomad’s journey, but passing the baton on to the next generation. We are the same – between the first and second coming.

Maggi also notes that Isaac knew how to co-exist with the surrounding culture – he didn’t fight the Philistines needlessly, but he didn’t give in to them either – he tried again.

There may be a metaphor here for today’s church – we can rail against a godless society, or we can ourselves become godless, or – crucially, we can try digging a third time and rediscovering what our forebears knew. Perhaps this is some of the Fresh Expressions movement which is reaping rewards in bringing the Gospel to new audiences? Café church looks nothing like today’s traditional church – but is it perhaps a fresh expression of the agape feast (the love feast of Jude 12). The New Monasticism movement is a fresh expression of, well, monasticism.

Lord, help us to get along with the churched and unchurched; help us to dig anew wells of spirituality that we may find your love in the water of life and share it afresh as we wait your coming in glory. Amen.

Maranatha – come, Lord Jesus.

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