BigRead13 Day 36 : Stream

Day 36’s post from the BigRead13 can be found here.

From The Silver Chair we have an excerpt where Jill is scared of Aslan (a lion – not unreasonable to be scared of a lion) – and doesn’t want to approach him when he might swallow her up, yet he stands in the way of the only life-giving stream around. It’s paired with John 14:16:

And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate, to be with you forever.

171/365 Alban, Martyr, with the Crown of LifeThinking, as we were asked, about how we feel about there being no other stream – how do we feel that there is one God, and that he is the only way to the truth?

Reassured and disturbed.

Reassured, because I can feel confident in my choice to take up my cross and follow him. Disturbed, because of what that means we are asked to do. Taking up our cross and following is hard, particularly where secular pressures call for our time, our attention, our care. Yet ultimately, we have no choice because of the compelling logic – a man willing to die for us; a God willing to give his only son.  No wonder Alban, who lived and died just a couple of hundred yards from our house, was willing to give his life saying “My name is Alban, and I worship the only true and living God, who created all things.”

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