The #BigRead13 Day 5

You can find day 5’s post from the #BigRead13 here.

Today’s bible reading is 1 John 4:15:

God abides in those who confess that Jesus is the Son of God, and they abide in God.

Before reflecting on this, today’s CS Lewis reading is from Mere Christianity. I have to confess to not having read this book – something I must remedy soon. I did, however, recognise today’s quote. Paraphrasing – a man who was merely a great teacher saying what Jesus said wouldn’t be a great moral leader; he’d be a lunatic or worse – so your choice is that – lunatic or devil – or else as well as being a great teacher, Jesus was truly the Son of God.

These two thoughts do, therefore, link closely. If we believe Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in us and we with him.  If we don’t, then suddenly what Jesus was saying sounds like nonsense.

Why therefore do I believe? Just the simple questions, eh?  I cannot believe that a world so wonderful, so complex, can be a construct merely of chance. I was once a sceptical scientist. The more I learned, the more I knew that science did not have all the answers – our actions are not random, nor predetermined.

At the same time, (as trailed in the Advent Book Club) I pulled out the Gideon’s New Testament I was given at school, and started to read it – having set myself the challenge of reading all of a “100 Books Every School Leaver Should Have Read” list.

Suddenly, these two things seemed to come together. The gaps that science couldn’t answer; the things that the Bible could. There could be only one answer. A book so complex, written by so many different human hands, yet which all point to one answer – God – and his only Son, Jesus.

I wasn’t sure how to take my belief forwards. Until university.  But that shall be for another time. In the meantime, many journeys of faith are like mine – occasionally beset by difficulty and doubt. So, today’s hymn’s lyrics speak to me:

Apologies to at least one reader who prefers things that aren’t choral. But here. at least, is a congregation of ordinary people singing a hymn that many, many congregations will have sung today.

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